There’s nothing more annoying than leaving home with a cold drink to find it’s bath-water warm by the time you get to finish it. Our bottles will keep YOU chilled and YOUR DRINKS ice cold for up to 24 hours!!



Imagine if your breakfast latte could still be hot for your after dinner caffeine fix … well now it can. Our bottles will keep your hot drinks piping hot for up to 12 hours!!


I’m sure we all feel bad about how we’re damaging the planet with plastic. Buying one of our reusable stainless steel bottles is a simple way we can help.  So no more single use plastic bottles or coffee cups.

As well as a ‘bag for life’ we should all have a ‘bottle for life’!


Our bottles look sooo cool!! We love matching them to our outfits. Maybe take Original Black to a work meeting, Rainstorm to the gym and Original Rose Gold on a night out?!


Whether you’re on the move, working out, or relaxing on the beach, Thur-Stee is THE fashionable eco-friendly way to quench your thirst!


Hydration never looked so good!!